Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Mercenary

Nick: If I find some money can I use it at Goodwill to buy a toy?
Me: If you find money, it's most likely my money, which means you need to return it, and cannot use it to buy a toy.
Nick: Will you ever pay me for anything?
Me: Sure. I'll pay you ten dollars if you weed my garden.
Nick: Ten Dollars?! What if I don't get every weed?
Me: If it's not good enough, I'll make you go back before I pay you.
Nick: Getting every weed is a pretty hard job. I think that's worth twenty at least.

Later in the day...
Nick: Mom, go out of the room. I have a surprise for you.
Me: I like the sound of that.

I leave the room, and come back to see that Nick has made my bed after the kids jumped on it, and he's removed the pile of laundry from the floor and taken it to the laundry room. He has also removed laundry from the dryer and taken to the living room to be folded.

I say: Wow! Nick, this is great. I really like the way you've been helping me today. It really makes my life easier when Daddy's out of town for every one to help out, and you've done it without even being asked.

He stands smiling at me for a moment. I give him a high five, but it doesn't seem good enough. I give him a hug and a kiss. I say: Wouldn't it be great if all the kids were this helpful? You've set a great example.

He continues to smile, then says: Actually, I really thought that you might pay me.
I say: that's exactly what I'm going to do. And give him two quarters.

Did I overpay?


'becca said...

Nope, especially if it was unexpected. way to go nick - Jonathan is away for 5 1/2 weeks, wanna come to Branson?

Elizabeth said...

oh, i can hardly write i'm laughing so hard my cheeks ache!! did he weed the garden yet?