Saturday, June 14, 2008

Somebody's gotta do it.

If no one else is going to blog, I guess I will. But I'm warning the rest of you that if we don't keep these things fresh, our public is going to lose interest. We will never get advertisers who pay us huge amounts of money and allow us to quit our day jobs (those of you who have them). So right now, lets all raise our right hands and repeat after me:

On my honor
I will try
to serve my blog
by writing humorous and thoughtful entries
at least once a week
even at the expense of my children
my marriage
my sense of domestic order
and my soul.
And in so doing, I will prove Dan wrong.
It's worth it.

Don't take offense, Dan, but we will not be fizzling any time soon. (And please, no one throw over their children, marriage or souls for the blog. Domestic order is okay to ignore, however).

Well, VBS is over for the summer, and with it, the constant questions, "How long til VBS?"
"About 12 hours."

How long now?
11 hours. It's not until after dinner.
When's dinner?
In ten hours. We have to eat breakfast and lunch first.
Can we eat dinner now?
We could but it would still be 11 hours till VBS.

I suppose it's a good thing that they want to go to Church. But the first ten hours of every day this week could have gone in the garbage, and all of us would have been happy about it.

Well, I think I'll share some photos of events that occurred over the past two years, since that was the last time I printed any photos.

This section will be labeled: THINGS MY KIDS LIKE TO DO FOR FUN

1. They like to make their babies eat dog food.

2. They like to play safety bugs in school plays

3. They like solitary confinement.

4. They like to dress up their monkey.

5. They like to wear make-up.

6.They like to DANCE!

7. They like to look at pictures of the Pope.

8. They like to build teepees.

And I guess that's all I have.


Emily said...

I really like the monkey's outfit. At least that's a good use for those panties that allow too much to view.

John said...

I see the young men in your household are still forced to dance in leotards for you...

Elizabeth said...

elizabeth, you and your fam always make me smile. i'm linking your blog to mine so you can make more people laugh and smile! i love you!

'becca said...

had no idea you were the pink tutu - check out the photos on Biz's blog of C and R. lovely...could this have been in the little flower water? Or is it something about the 2nd born son?
love to you all from the Ozark Mountains,