Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't call my house right now.

The kids are watching TV. I don't want to get busted when Janie answers the phone and the sounds of Big Big World come blasting into the receiver. By the time I get to the other phone, Jane has told everyone who calls what they are watching, and that I am unavailable. Recently she relayed that "Mary" had called.
"Mary who?" I ask.
"Just Mary."
I run throught my files and realize that it's Mary from Doc's office returning my call about a certain child's inflamed groin area (having walked through the woods at Nana and Pop's, then running around in wet swimsuits, they all have an itch--one of them can't keep his hands off it.)
There goes my image at the Doc's office. The nurses are always so impressed that the kids go right for the books under the shelf rather than the toys, and I nod approvingly and say something like, "Well, they're not allowed to watch much TV so they love to read."
I guess, though, if I was calling the Doctor's office to report a bunch of itchy privates my image was pretty much already blown.

So, I'm in the middle of paying bills right now, as evidenced by my blogging. The paid bills are on the right side of the computer, the unpaid stack on the left. I'm trying to organize our domestic life before we head up to Michigan (so if anyone is interested in burgling us, next week would be a good time to do that -- be advised that the only valuable asset we have is my intellectual property contained on this computer).

We've had a wonderful couple of days playing with the Cooks at Nana and Pop's. The younger kids alternate between being friends and enemies with great alacrity and change partners frequently. But they don't seem to get their feelings hurt, as Jane reported last night to Daddy before going to bed:
Joe: "Did you have fun with the Cooks?"
Jane: "Yes. First Annie was my friend, but she wanted to be Daniel's buddy. I played with John but he said he didn't like me so I pinched him. Then I played with Claire."
So much drama. Maybe I need to tell Jane that the way to make friends is to whine "PLay with me," until they get so annoyed they start locking you out of the room, then go tell the grown ups that the older kids are being mean, so that they are forced to play with you or get in trouble. That was the method that worked best for me in my youth.

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in the next couple of weeks. Yay John and Kate for driving up!!!(Don't think I won't try to lure you away from Mom and Dad's to sit on our porch and have some late night libations).

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John said...

Have fun at the lake, everybody.

Keep your groins clean.
When on top of the wet swimsuit play and a week's worth of Nana and Pop's woods, you pile on the festering combination of sandy beaches and the lake ich, who knows the extent of inflammation your groins might achieve?