Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home on the Range

Thought I would take this lazy Saturday morning opportunity to post some pictures of some of the animals on our farm.

Here's some never-before-seen footage of my boys playing lizard. In the following frames, each lizard foraged for grass for their lizard babies. It is a safe assumption, however, that any nourishment they found was actually consumed by the lizard parents. I base this assumption on the communication I heard between the lizards that went like this: "Daniel, I dare you to eat grass."
(Daniel's reponse) "OK."

Though in past games, they have insisted on the rule, "No laying eggs unless you are a female," this day, both lizards took turns tending the eggs. I did not see which lizard actually laid the eggs.

A slightly more civilized specimen, here's the creature known as Jane, sitting on a rock (er...landscape timber), smiling:

Though I must admit, I like the way this one turned out a little better:

Here's a picture of my two-year-old attending obedience school.

And now for something completely different:
Per Emily's request, here are some close-ups of the beds that Joe made for the boys' dorm. If you think this room looks stinky now, imagine it in ten years when they're all teenagers.

A note on construction: these drawer pulls support 150 lbs of pressure--no worries about children stepping on them, or hiding younger brothers in the drawers. Younger brother might suffocate, but the drawers will remain intact.

That's all for today.

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Kate said...

I would pick Daniel over Nick to insulate eggs for me any day.