Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I used to have a hot body, but not anymore.

Well, Johnnycakes, I hope you've enjoyed your week at pole position. It was fun to remember our raging debut many moons ago on the beach volleyball scene. Though you were wrong...Phat City was just an opportunity to show off our hot bods. As a matter of fact, hot bods were all we had going for us in that tournament--and if we'd known that going into the match, I think that every one of us, even Seth might have worn a speedo. That was probably about the last time in my life that my flesh, bouncing around a sandy beach, would have been comfortable for anyone to behold.

Well, now that the Olympics are over, I'm sure you all are still glued to the in-laws' couch for the Democratic National Convention. I've been getting some change I can believe in--every time I change the channel. Though I do enjoy revisiting my cheerleading days with the call and response cheers (CHANGE!!).

Tonight has been a slow news night on eye-witness news. So far I've seen a segment on why men are now shopping more than women, and one about a man kicking his ex-girlfriend's cat. I am reminded why I don't usually stay up for the news. After the Dem-Con, I was under the impression that the Armageddon was here--they painted such a pathetic picture of all the suffering going on in this doggone economic slo-down. And yet the local news couldn't even find a burglary or a murder to report in my old neigborhood. Insert bikini clad beach volleyball players here. Isn't TV about the spectacle? And if it's not--if it really is supposed to be a source of information--could someone please get real? Could the Democrats please find something more useful to say besides, "Hillary rocked the house!" and "I love my Papaw Biden!" If they want to tug at my heartstrings, they're going to have to do a little bit more than carry a 3 year old accross the stage. If they want "values" voters, they're going to have to commit to a little more than, "My Papaw had values." Tomorrow night, for entertainment, I think I'll poke myself in the eye, and for my news, I'll read a novel.

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