Monday, August 18, 2008

In a Twitter

What happened? Did we all get sick of each other's company last week? Are we all so glad to be home in our own beds enjoying the relative silence that outdoing each other in humor has become irrelevant? NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!!

Sadly, over the last few weeks, I have met with failure in the bee-keeping department. You all knew this would happen to my agrarian aspirations. I finally found a low-maintainance pet that gives back more than I have to put into it, creatures in my care that I wasn't silently wishing would croak, and I turn my back for a minute--and well--the queen is dead. With no new babies to hatch, the old bees are slowly dying out. There are only a handful left. We did find them late in the season, so there was little likelihood they would make it through the winter--but I did think they might make it TO the winter. I really stink at animal husbandry.

The kids have started school, and are supposed to be doing their homework while I write. I left them at the table, and as soon as I turned my back, they all took off out to the swingset (Jane is among them, not practicing her letters). Why is it I have to be in a constant state of ALERT lest everything go awry? Why can't I ignore my duties and still have everything work out for me? Waaaaa!

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Elizabeth said...

i was just wondering why i always had to be on call, alert as you say. why can my children not behave like average children and just flippin' chill out. as i type now i have a child at each elbow wanting to irritate me. go play for goodness sake!