Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live from Dem-Con

My name is Betty Duffy. And wait til you hear what happened to me. I'm from America's heartland. And over the past eight years I've had ten heart attacks. My husband up and left me, but not before he lost five jobs, and our home--that we paid for fair and square. I have a cataract in my left eye. I'm twice the size of your TV screen, and I wanna know what John Mc Cain is going to do to keep me in Long John Silvers for the next four years. Obama cares about the little guy. And I may be a big girl, but Obama cares about Betty Duffy. Let's hear it for CHANGE!!!

And now...the man for change...Mr Barack Obama!!!

Thank you (x 1,000,000)! What I want to say tonight is that Eight is Enough! Gimme A Break! This country is going through Growing Pains. We need some Different Strokes--that's just the Facts of Life. Keep the Family Ties close. For me, that means Three's Company. I wasn't raised with Silver Spoons in my mouth. Vote Obama '08 and you won't have to wonder Who's the Boss. You can look forward to A Different World and Happy Days. CHANGE!!!