Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Balzac Makes us Sleepy

Speaking of misleading Balzac publicity, based on the low necklines and passionate-looking embraces on the movie sleeve, I rented the Duchess of Langeais the other night and lured Joe into watching it with me by telling him it would be a chest-heaving bodice ripper with French subtitles (read: unscrupulous love scenes). I was encouraged by the NY times review above which also led me to believe it might be an artful "film." Here's the short of it: they never even got further than a kiss on the forehead before the Duchess ran off to the convent. So there, go ahead and watch it with your kids. It has a great message: flirting is dangerous, and a relatively positive protrayal of Catholic religious. Just don't expect to be entertained. There's basically three sets which all look a little bit cardboard, there's no soundtrack, not even a mournful moaning woman singing in another language for this tragedy, all the parts when the Duchess plays the piano forte sound like an amateur pianist/actress playing piano, and each scene is separated by blocks of text on a black screen that read: an hour later, or one week later, or five years earlier, with an occasional textblock lifted word for word out of the novel. Brilliant!

OK, so the kids didn't watch it with us, but the sleepy mood must have taken over the house because everyone fell asleep in strange places:

On a different note, Jane has been distinguishing herself as an artist lately. I wanted to share with the Cooks especially her most recent still life, which as you can see, features their picture as though it were a shrine to the Cook children.

Albeit, this shrine also features spinach seeds, overnight diapers, a book of coupons, and a rather ugly dishtowel.


Emily said...

Jane certainly does have an eye for design - and an uncanny understanding of whom is important in her life.

Meanwhile her beloved Cooks have been invaded by staphylococcus. Claire's infected foot is not just a bad spider bite - it is a staph infection and could be MRSA, a highly contagious, resistant to treatment, potentially fatal, not to mention disgusting, bacterial invasion. Learn more and see photos at http://www.visualdxhealth.com/diseaseGroups/mrsa.htm. And now James has two pustules on him. Still want to come visit?

Betty Duffy said...

Might have to rethink that...

John said...

That picture of Nick reminds me of my college roommate.

Good luck with the pustules, Cooks! Take care of it.

Brian and Mikko said...

Staph or MRSA!!! Are you kidding me? At first I was concerned for the Duffy children; after looking at those pictures it seems that the carbon monoxide count in their house is rather high. This is either the 2nd staph and/or the 2nd MRSA infection that I've heard about this year. Pauvre, pauvre petites enfants. (Had to stick the French in there to make-up for the fact that I've potentially misused the semi-colon. Still not sure on that one.)