Monday, September 22, 2008

A Birthday, and a Wedding!

It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures, so I think I play a little catch-up today.

The first day of school was about a month ago, I guess. This is what everyone looked like that morning: Daniel forcing a smile, Nick, cool and confident, Andy, excited beyond all belief for that early morning van-ride, and Jane, still half asleep.

One day between the first day of school and today, Joe put warpaint on Andy. I don't really know why.

Here's Jane trying to tell me that the scratch on her eye is more impressive than the edema in my shins. One good thing about having gestational diabetes, by the way, is that when the kids get a scratch now and feel the need to show me their apparently life threatening wounds saying, "Look, I'M BLEEDING!!!!" I can just go check my blood sugar, prick my finger and say, "You want to bleed? I'll show you some blood."

The day after Mom's birthday was a very exciting day. Jane and I baked rosemary-walnut-pear scones and gave Mom the birthday surprise of her life.

David, the last of the Duffys, who will conceivably marry, was wed this past weekend. A good time was had by all. At the rehearsal dinner, the flower girl lost a tooth, and Nick, who apparently shares a love (like his mother) for raining on other people's parades, decided that the night would not end until he had also lost a tooth. He chose his loosest of loose teeth and yanked incessantly, measuring his progress for the other diners by how much blood was on his napkin. At last...SUCCESS!

I wonder if a little bit of his determination wasn't motivated by a desire to share the spotlight with his little brother who did a fantastic job as ring bearer. Daniel took his job very seriously, and kept his eye on the ball all the way to the end of the wedding, when he transferred his gaze to the wedding cake.

Here we are in all our glory. Please notice Jane's dress which enjoyed a place of prominence in Joe and Mine's bedroom for a good two weeks before the wedding. Jane laid it out with her tights and pretty shoes (all compliments of Nana), in order to display to any visitors to our house in the interim. Pop was able to see the dress about ten times, and that's about it.

Well, that's all the interesting stuff I have for today.


Emily said...

What a handsome Duffy family! Daniel looks so debonair!

John said...

That’s some fantastic edema. See if you can sign your name in it.

Also, maybe you should frame that family picture for Daniel. Some day he may care to remember the time that he was looking especially dashing, especially next to his brother who went more for a Steinbeckian, hired-goon motif.

Betty Duffy said...

In Nick's defense, his mother failed to try his new pants and jacket on him before leaving for the wedding. We left the too-large-jacket at the hotel, but the pants, he couldn't do without. Instead, he borrowed the suspenders that went with Daniel's tux. Yes, the outcome could have been better.