Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike's Aftermath

I know you Southerners felt the barometric pressure a little sooner and with more intensity than we did up here in Indiana, but yesterday was absolutely glorious. We have a tree down, numerous limbs in the yard and lots of blown trash from the park across the street. Mom called this morning to let me know that her power is still out, so I have generously offered to provide refuge in my freezer for her most expensive cuts of meat, not without a price, however. In payment, she will come over this afternoon to cook a dinner out of some perishable ingredients. But it's the least I can do considering her birthday was yesterday and not only did I nearly forget (for some reason my calendar was set to the month of April), we also had to cancel plans to drop in for Sunday dinner at their house when we learned that the power was out and no dinner would be served. Well, I strive for perfect charity in all things. Take note, brothers and sisters.

This morning, my charity has been tried, as I find myself being used as an interstate expressway for Andy's Tonka semi truck. How does this work? I sit on the couch and try my best to meditate on God's word while he drives the semi up and down my leg. Occasionally the truck does a little off roading, over my stomach, up my arms and over my head. I swat the truck away, and its driver then intents himself with pinching my belly button, which admittedly looks like Snoopy's nose under my shirt. How long does one endure this bodily misuse with the patience of the Blessed Mother before she throws the Semi in the trash and yells, "Get off me, Parasite!" We shall see, shant we?

But seriously, Happy Birthday to Mom! It was a joyful day indeed when she was born, not only because it gave possibility to the births of each one of us, but it also provided Dad with a Spiritual Director and life partner, relocated our family homestead to Napoleon, Indiana, and was the birthday of the most "leader girl" in Indianapolis Regnum Christi. We can only assume that on September 14, 1949(?) there was an international rededication of the coffee klatch. Goodwill stores all over the nation flung open their doors with the hopeful promise of their coming savior. The world stayed in their pajamas until noon talking on the phone to traveling priests and ladies named Jane. To MOM!!! Everyone raise your coffee mugs! TO MOM!!!


Elizabeth said...

let me know when the get off me parasite flys from the blessed mothers lips, i´ll consider myself in really good company then! and cheers to MOM, i´m raising my coffee cup to you mama Husted.

John said...


Who, either out of meekness of heart or out revenge for us not mentioning that it was our anniversary while visiting, spent twenty minutes on the phone yesterday with her neglectful son without reminding him of her birthday. Touché!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your special day...full of birthday grace that no doubt kept Dad free from suffering the head injuries and electrocutions that his post-wind storm, tractor-based activity probably warranted.

Betty Duffy said...

I just stopped by Elizabeth's to use the shower since Ike took away our power and I discovered this blog on the Internet being use by all of our disgruntled children.
Thank you to all of you who called our house on Sept. 14 and failed to mention Nana's birthday. You are all disinherited. No used farm equipment for any of you!

Emily said...

I'd like to join in the roast, I mean, toast to Mom: thanks for the coffee habit!

Interesting to see DAD join the blog conversation . . . Maybe faster internet connections are on the way to Milhousen Rd. now that he realizes how much fun we're having verbally sparring while he's not available!