Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meat-eater Pajama Night

Just a heads up to all the cool kids out there: tonight is meat-eater pajama night. Pull out your best shark or dino jammies and wear them with a growl. The boys have declared this special occasion, and Jane and I are struggling to find suitable attire. Joe let me know that because my pregnant body looks like a mastodon, it's sort of irrelevant whether or not my pajamas look tough. That's no help to Jane, though.

To get back at my husband for saying I look like a mastodon, I am going to post about the pot of chili he made tonight. When Joe goes "gourmand" nearly every dish in the cabinets is used. Did you know that it takes six frying pans to brown the meat for a pot of chili? I didn't either. I wouldn't complain about this, because he made a pot big enough to feed a family of ten for a month, and it's full of very nice ingredients like black beans, chorizo, and chipotle peppers. The downside is, he got carried away with the de arbol peppers and the outcome is inedible. All the kids were crying around the dinner table, and even Joe had to wipe the sweat off his bald spot in between bites. Anyone know how to neutralize peppers in a sauce? If not, we're making a tax deductible chili donation to the soup kitchen. This dish wasn't cheap.


Emily said...

Maybe there is something manly about refusing to brown your beef and saute your onions in the same pan. It happens at my house, too.

Rachel said...

yeh, I have an answer. Tell joe to sop the chili up with some of his famous, perfectly round pancakes. That ought to neutralize it.

John said...

Put tons of cheese and sour cream on top, or use it as a burrito filling with lots of other stuff on it.
mmm...I want some.

Deanna said...

The mental image of of you all crying at the dinner table only got better when I thought of what your next bathroom breaks are going to be like. Eliz, I'm really, really sorry!!!

Happy Halloween to the Meat Eaters!