Friday, October 10, 2008

National Holiday

The most important day of the year is tomorrow, please don't forget to note it. We celebrated pre-emptively with a manager's special cake from Kroger with Mom, Dad, Duffys and kids.

I'll be taking phone calls between noon and five. That's a pretty long schedule of receiving but since this is my Jesus year, I think I can manage the sacrifice of taking your calls for five full hours.

In other news, Mom and Dad would like to announce the sad news that Dad's most beloved family member has passed on.

Rest in peace, Lucy. We'll miss you.


Elizabeth said...

so, it´s your birthday. why could i not rememmber? i always imagined you as a spring birthday. in fact when i think of you i think of irises and tulips. happy birthday duffy!

Emily said...

What! I can't believe Lucy died, and I didn't even get a call! This is a truly sorrowful day, not only because it is the anniversary of the day I had to give up my own room and share things.

By the way, Happy Birthday, Michelle, too, if you're still reading!

Rachel said...

I am soooooo sad about Lucy-dog :(

Brian and Mikko said...

Elizabeth (or Betty, I guess),
I apologize for not noting your birthday and calling our celebratory exclamations as appropriate. I blame Facebook for not notifying me in advance.



Mikko Cook, sister-in-law to the stars!