Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something More Dangerous to Little Boys...

than feminism:

Jane, the Terrible:

First she gets her little brother dressed:

Then she takes him out for a walk:

If someone still has the damning evidence of John wearing lycra spankies and striped panty-hose then I think we can finally put the nail in this coffin: If you want strong boys, don't let them play with their big sisters.

Just for the record, my kids do crafts in spite of me. Check out these wicked Holloween decorations:

I promise I had nothing to do with these crafts from their conception through every step of their execution. Paper was stolen from Joe's printer, stapler from my desk, black crayons horded for many days, all followed by a ceremonial hanging.

Mom and Dad seem to be enjoying Dad's retirement. Dad called the other day from his cell phone while mom was chauffering him around the north side of Indianapolis after his doctor's appointment. Here's what our conversation sounded like:

Dad: Hi. What's going on there?
me: not much.
Dad: Kids alright? (to mom) LAURIE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
me: wanna call me back?
Dad: Hang on a second. (to mom) MAKE A U-TURN! GO UP THERE AND MAKE A U-TURN!
Mom (in background): Do you want to drive?
me: Why don't we just talk later.
Dad: Just a minute...(to mom) THIS IS AWFUL...OH NO...(to me) Let me call you back.
me: bye

It was very exciting. If anyone else would like to call me in the midst of an argument with their spouse, I'll be all ears.


Betty Duffy said...

More Holloween excitement: Every time we pass the inflatable ghost in a nearby frontyard, Jane alerts us to its approach: "Boys! Boys! Here comes the ghost--AWWWW YEAAAHH!" Then the entire mini-van watches in silence as we pass the ghost.

On the way home from school today Daniel informed the van passengers that he was starting a Holloween club and that there would be a sign up sheet available when we got home. Those who sign up will be able to particpate in fun club activites like sneaking up on the girls on the playground in order to initiate a chase.
Anyone interested?

Elizabeth said...

dang! art projects you don´t have to supervise rock my socks. those are fab decorations too. so funny janie dresses up andy, isabel would punch roarke if he dared to wear her dressups around her. unless she was particularly bored and wanted to mock him while wearing the dress, can you tell that has happened. "roarke looks like a giiirrlll." HAHAHAHA. sorry to be missing the halloween spectacle and inflatable ghosts! eat some good candy for me on halloween, i like the chocolates but not the hard candies and no candy corn for me either. thanks!

Kate said...

Can I get a template for that tree ghoul? Is that Nick's? It's pretty neat.

Luke, like Janie, is into ghosts, but more the kind of interest where he dumps his blue plastic toy bins, puts one on his head, and then roams the house saying "oooh" and knocking paint off my door jambs.

John said...

I'm in. I'll be Lead Executive in Charge of External Affairs, Texas Division.