Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ugh....Have I mentioned I'm pregnant and miserable?

Just wanted to remind everyone that I should still be in your thoughts and prayers lest this election business occupy your minds too much. I just finished giving myself an insulin shot in the stomach. My back hurts and I can barely move. Joe makes himself chocolate chip cookies every night and I can't eat them! I am an armchair parent, yelling at the kids from my bed or the couch. I know this may be hard to believe, but no one here thinks I'm very fun to be around, and I haven't even complained about my flatulence yet. But I know, I know, it is not becoming for fat people to complain. If one is thin, one may say whatever they want, but if one is not, one must be Al Roker and laugh everything off. Joe bought me minty gum today--does that mean I have halitosis too? I'm going to go give myself a C-section with Joe's leatherman.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry for your misery. I greater respect for you after our morning visit and saw that you had some fortitude still in you. Here is what I mean...I thought it most admirable of you to throw yourself in the shower, tack your clean hair back and even grace you lips with some lipstick before dragging your miserable fanny out the door to your appointment. I knew that the easy and more tempting method would have been to run a wet rag over your face and your pits and go all raggedy to an OB office where you knew people would understand and forgive your frumpy misery. Good job Elizabeth!

Kate said...

I'm sorry, too! I think about you often, if that makes you feel better. Maybe that makes up for the chocolate chip cookies? Although we also thought about cookies last night, and John made them. They were one of his best batches ever. I ate about seven, in a 5/2 split between cooked and raw.

Elizabeth said...

keep going betty! i know those last few motnhs of pregnancy (which are actually 30 years) suck, ferociously. just think of that sweet little baby boy face you´ll soon be kissing. you should be reclining on a sofa near me, i´m too lazy to make cookies. the best i can offer you is a quesadilla, better yet how about a sliced apple, no pots or pans involved. crikey, i´m an armchair parent and i´m not even pregnant. you are doing a stupendous job!