Monday, December 8, 2008

Greetings From the Retirement Home

Here we are, tucked in around the fire at Nana and Pop's house. Joe is in California this week and all the kids and I are here mooching. I'm wearing a shawl, sitting in the rocker, enjoying the fulfillment of an invalid fantasy where food is prepared, housework done, and children are cared for, all by someone else (nana). Dad and I occupy our spots on either side of the fire and make mention of things like, "I'm thirsty. I could drink some tea." And suddenly it appears, brought forth by the good Nurse Nana.

Paul has finally been sprung from the Community Health Network after a 48 hour stint under the Billi-lights. He's still a bit yellow, but no less lovable. I'm enjoying his milk breath, and soft cheeks, and every little grunt he makes. Newborns are the best. And I feel much more rational and energetic with my newly un-pregnant body and brain. It's amazing how quickly one feels better once pregnancy has ended.

The labor went very smoothly: one of my best. Joe stayed with me throughout, and Nana came in towards the end when I started contemplating pain killers. No sooner had I asked for one, than transition seemed to start and the baby was out. And I think I might now believe those who say that unmanagable pain is a sign that something's off. Things were intense, but never unmanageable as long as I could move around (Dr Sears was right). Only took me five labors to figure it out.

And, while I was impatient, and greedy and anxious to hold this baby way sooner than I probably should have been, I ended up having to wait for him after all while he was in the hospital. One might think that I would enjoy an extended stay at the hospital while hubby looked after all the other kids, and it was enjoyable for about the first five or so hours. But after what amounted to five nights without sleep, a dose of the baby blues, and being unable to snuggle and bond with Paul whenever I felt like it--you might say I got my due for precipitating his birth and causing Mom and Dad to cancel their trip to TX. If you really want to twist the knife, go ahead and casually mention that jaundice is caused by prematurity. I can take it (now that we're home).

Pictures forthcoming.


'becca said...

chas was jaundice and he wasn't early, just had a broken collar bone. i was jaundice and was born 2+ weeks past my due date and didn't have a broken collar bone. welcome home sweet baby duffy #5 and may you glow like a little glow worm with the bili (?) blanket. Do you have one of those? Do you remember Chas'? It was so funny, but it kept me in bed w/ him b/c the cord was so short and I wouldn't leave him laying in a crib.

Emily said...

Can I check in too? I have a bad case of laryngitis. My own mother couldn't recognize my voice and said I sounded like Diane Rehm. Good Evening.

Hope Paul is completely over his jaundice in time for his role as Baby Jesus in the Christmas play. I doubt that Jesus was orange.