Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome and more

Our Congrats to the Duffy's and Welcome to Baby Paulobamaroni!! I was waiting for the Duffy's to upload a photo spread so we all could comment on his handsome good looks and hairy legs. Maybe in a few years he'll be doing things like this:

my kids latest favorite youtube. Now that Mom and Dad are hightech they can watch it too.

Kate, sorry our dates won't overlap more because I keep coming across all kinds of felted wool projects: purses, pillows, little animals made from gloves, and, my favorite, math gnomes
and more

We had a Thanksgiving to be thankful for, although some of us caught a bug. Hope every one else had a good turkey day. At least little Paul got to enjoy his turkey before being born. Maybe there is a piece of pie somewhere left for his no longer diabetic mother.


Kate said...

I know! What is it with felted wool? Well, I'm willing to try one, and slippers sounded alot more functional than the other crafts which appealed to me (yes, including those gnomes) but would end up sitting around half finished, or worse, just sitting around finished.

I'm sorry we'll miss you this trip! Next summer maybe? Or you should just go ahead and move down here. :)

Brian and/or Mikko said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DUFFY FAMILY!! I am anxiously awaiting pictures.

Second: Em, I must be psychically tapped into the Husted Family Craft Vibe. I am also in research of felted wool projects. I have a delicious sweater that is shrunken down to "littler than Von Ronne" size (that's little!) and am wondering what a good web site for projects is. Thoughts?

Counting the days til the merriment begins!