Friday, October 23, 2009

Find a Book?

Do any of you know of a search engine or chat room or such that would help me find a book I either read or dreamed in junior high? I think the title was something like Dreamweaver or The Dream Weaver. Something about dreams and looms. No clue on the author. Anyway, each time I poke around on Amazon to see if I can find it, I get a little more obsessed with the fact that I can't.

Have I already asked about this?


Deanna said...

I may not post much, but I try to make it count when I do.

Is this what you are looking for?

Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom by Beth Hilgartner. Looks like it was published in 1989.

Let us know if we helped solve the mystery!!!

Kate said...


That is absolutely my book. Can I tell you (I won't!) how many times I've searched Amazon, library catalogs, etc... that is totally it, although all these years I've thought the protagonist was a boy! I may have to buy it for a re-read if I can't get it at our library.

Thank you, Deanna! You obviously have some search engine knack that I'm missing!

Deanna said...

Kate, I am truly thrilled that I was able to help solve the mystery. I have been in your shoes...looking for that long lost book or album that you *sort of* remember the details but you've slept a few nights since it was in your possession.

I must admit, however, I am no Sherlock Holmes. The description in your post just led me to plug the words The Dream Weaver Loom into Google and watched technology make me look like a super-technie nerd/genius.

You try it. Or maybe not. I sort of like looking like the sleuth.

Kate said...

The thing is, I DID try it - on Amazon, though, which maybe was my problem. But I tried a few combinations, and only the exact title brought up the book in the results - maybe because it's out of print? It seems like Amazon's awfully willing to find anything CLOSE to what you're searching for in any other case. :)

Still, techie-genius or not, I cannot believe that after so long looking for it, you just popped that up there 6 hours after I posted - Ha!

I've already borrowed and re-read it, and it was sadly disappointing! I think I conflated the ending with another "teenager comes to terms with issues by time travel" novel, Cave Beyond Time... Dreamweaver had some annoying feminist & fatalist threads (heh) that I didn't pick up on as a pre-teen. Also the ending was a copout, although I think I read somewhere that there's a sequel, so maybe that's why she concluded it the way she did. All in all, I liked it, and am so glad to have found it!