Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holy Husteds, Batman!

Nice costumes, Cooks! And, 50 pieces each + a communal stash of the leftovers?!? Wow, you guys cleaned up.

Here are the Husteds' supercostumes.
The Caped Crusader, with Safety Flashlight

The Boy Wonder

The Boy Wondering at a Tiny Pumpkin

There was some evildoer-extermination necessary in our neighborhood as well. Although in our case, it was the evil parents who didn't trick-or-treat long enough for 50 pieces of candy.

Halloween morning: Pumpkin carving/Hat wearing.


Betty Duffy said...
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Betty Duffy said...

Kate, I love your cat-hands, and your cat-ears. According to the eleven o'clock news on All Hallow's Eve, the First Lady also wore a pair of cat ears that night. Classy across America. Boring Obama only wore a white collar under a black shirt. I think he would have been more symbolically dressed in John's Riddler shirt.


Betty Duffy said...

Incidentally, first comment removed due to typo

Kate said...

MO was more brave with her cat eye makeup than I was.

Emily J. said...

Gadzooks, those are great costumes! I feel safe knowing BatBoy and Robin look so serious about stopping evil parents everywhere from taking their kids candy!

jack, lucy and finn said...

nice work on the costumes / hat wearing. but i have to say, i really enjoyed the "costume" in the post below of the kid painted green in andre agassi shorts. i love halloween.