Sunday, September 7, 2008

At Last

"At last"refers to the fact that I can now reenter the family blogsphere... I was able to resolve the problem of my forgotten password. However, what is not so easily resolved is how to enter the conversation with such witty and comical contributors! Where did you guys come from????
I will just have to content myself with newsy updates. However, most of the interesting updates that I would consider posting are already known to you because YOU are the source of the content! The summer flew by and I am eternally grateful for all of the time we had together.
We had a great weekend with Jane and Rick too. Although Rick avoided the primaries for "health" reasons, with the help of his new blackberry, we were on top of all of the headlines and found a source for jubilation. We also introduced them to Corn Hole, which they still can not believe is really named Corn Hole. We had many "couple" competitions, often under the stars and spotlights, but in reality the real competitors were Jane and David. Rick and I were very inconsistent with our tosses....he can only see with one eye and I can only,well, not toss very well. Once they arrived home, they found a game to purchase online, but at THEIR house, it will be called "Corn Toss".
We have Grandma Margaret with us for a few days. I have at various intervals been her mother, her guest, "that woman", her nurse, etc..etc.. She has been very easy to care for and it has been nice to slow the pace here a little.
Probably the most exciting recent news is the artificial insemination of one of our cows. Dad has a new friend that has that particular expertise and was willing to take on the job. The other two will soon be ready. Hopefully, this venture will be successful. I read an article today about a "traveling slaughterhouse" that has been approved by the FDA and is staffed with the mandatory FDA inspector. An interesting enterprise. Our garden is full of pumpkins, tomatoes, and okra (which we tried to eat tonight but it was awful....could hardly chew it so we ended up throwing it out!). Our neighbors have been very generous with their sweetcorn after hearing about the dogs destroying our crop.


Emily said...

Hi Mom - Welcome back! Hope you get baby calves soon! Exciting! Sorry about the okra. It's not very good even when it isn't tough and chewy.

Emily said...
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John said...

I've found that Okra is edible when deep fried: 80% batter, 20% okra...then dipped in ranch.

I've only had this at the UD cafeteria, so who knows if it was even real okra.

Also, can't you pickle it? Better yet: pickle, then fry, then dip in ranch. mmm...healthy vegetables!

MrsCritter34 said...

That is exciting news about the cows! Baby calves would be so much fun! And I've actually heard about the "traveling slaughterhouse" (as grotesque as that sounds)which has really proven helpful to small farm owners.

As for the fertilization process...I can only assume that Elizabeth found the actual bovine insemination brochure for you...chock full of color photos (some probably looking frighteningly similar to certain family members) and just as colorful descriptions of each donor. You can add that to the swine insemination brochure Elizabeth so thoughfully gave you last Christmas.

Kate said...

Elizabeth, if you want to REALLY throw your boys off the baby-making-process trail, you should send them to go watch baby cows get made.

Brian and Mikko said...

Umm... I only pop in here now and again because I want to make sure that my sister-in-law is giving me my proper PR... but, exactly what do you Husteds do that the matriarch of the family is posting about cow insemination and something, of which I still haven't quite figured out what it refers to, called "Corn Hole-ing"?