Monday, September 29, 2008

Flat Stanley

A busy weekend - Flat Stanley has had some adventures finally! Although it crossed my mind to cut off the horns and what looked like a pile of doo-doo that Daniel added to the picture, we left him intact with all his glory as he played soccer,

went to church,

visited a marina,

and saw some ships on the Navy base.

A big happy birthday to Dad! Sorry cards are late - since you were busy hanging out with LCI's at Notre Dame, you probably don't mind.

A project I wasted a couple of hours on the other day: Collecting images of reading women. In a moment of weakness, I bought this datebook at TJ Maxx the other day with pictures of woman and books. What was I thinking? I had seen it while out with Mikko and then kept thinking about it. Remember the calendar Aunt Mardena and Aunt Leslie competed for at the Christmas exchange? Same publisher. But I never use a datebook. Little scraps of paper work much better for me. So instead I sent the book back and found those pics online plus more for my own little art museum. I would paste one here, but I can't figure out how to do it.
A parting shot of Claire's infected spider bite. You wouldn't believe how much pus came out of this spot. Then Mom shared the story about her friend who died from an infected splinter.

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Betty Duffy said...

I knew we could count on the Cooks to show Flat Stan a good time. Maybe I should have Daniel's class look on the blog to get a better idea of all the fun things he's been doing. That pile of doodoo, though, to me looks more like a smoking banana, or perhaps a doobee?