Monday, September 22, 2008

La Vida Loca en Tejas (I said 'loca' b/c I couldn't remember the word for 'fast food')

That was my quarter-hearted attempt at Spanish, since we have an aspiring bi-linguist in the house... that's Luke, by the way. I had my chance at bi-lingualism and decided (for better or worse) I just didn't care that much about Spanish. And even if I had retained any high school Latin, I don't think that counts - doesn't a "second language" have to be living?

Anyway, Luke has entered a stage where he loves to make up words and names for everything. Now that he found out about the existence of Spanish, he says that his imaginary words are what "should be" the words in Spanish.

Today, after telling me that "Kakaríko" (looks like Zelda but sounded Spanish; I don't know how else to spell it) should be the Spanish word for 'car,' we had the following conversation:
"Mom, can we go to Spanish?"

"You mean can we go somewhere where they speak Spanish? Yes, that would be fun. They speak Spanish in a country called Mexico. And in another country called Spain, and in some other countries."

"Yeah, and in Taco Bell."

Further revealing my overdependence on fast food was the day we were getting something at my Mom's. "Are we going in?" Luke asked. "No," I replied, "just picking up something quickly." "Yeah," he said knowingly, "we're just doing the drive-thru."

HOWEVER, our Taco Friend did grant Luke one small piece of elegance (albeit the kind reserved for lovable supreme nerds). On another day (another drive-through) we pulled up to Taco Bell - where we like to get pintos 'n' cheese that comes with a little plastic spork - and Luke immediately shouted his order from the back: "Beans, please! Beans and a runcible spoon!"


Elizabeth said...

1st, i am soooo envious for drive-thru! comida corrida is the word you might have been looking for, and it´s not as much corrida (fast) as it is cheap, alas no drive thru´s in my part of mexico which pinches life with three children, everyone´s legs are "toooo tired to walk mooommmyy!!!" second, who cares about spanish when your child know about the runcible spoon! i bow to your literacy!

Kate said...

Corrida y delicioso!!! Y you don't have to drag your kids in and out of the car. They need drive-through EVERYTHING for moms.