Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doubling up?

Okay, so I'm a little torn... when I have something devastatingly clever to post, is it cheating to put it on both family blogs? Do I have to pick one or the other? Wouldn't it be unethical - maybe even sinful - to hide the little light of mine under an "only one blog" bushel? I'd appreciate some thoughts on this. I'm sure I'll get some.

We're doing well over here, although I do not like having no phone and no internet. I think I'm tan on the right side of my face from spending long hours on my hot cell phone on hold with various utilities and such. But we're settling into the house, and slowly unpacking. Luke loves his "new backyard," as do I. I'm planting an herb garden this weekend! Hopefully it's not too late for things to thrive.

We loved all the company we had over the birth and baptism weekends, and it has seemed kind of quiet since. But quiet does mean I get things done, so I guess it's necessary.

Ah, the glories of home ownership... although apparently some people do actually find riding mowers glorious.

Here's Charlesbad... one month old today!


John said...

I know I've only gotten fatter, but I swear that first picture is wide-angle.

Betty Duffy said...

john, I wouldn't worry about the wide angle lens so much. Before I clicked to enlarge the picture of you on the mower, I could have sworn you were mowing in the nude. Reminded me of SNL skit about a car with a can in the driver's seat, so you never had to stop to use the rest room. I thought, "this family is going crazy with potty humor"--but maybe it's just me.

Kate said...

... yet you enlarged it, Eliz?