Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home at last

Hi all,
I really do not have anything of note to say other than I have thoroughly enjoyed our travel and visits this past month. The birth, the babysitting, the baptism, and the first Communion, I would not have missed any of them. I must say however, that I am glad to be home for awhile.
It is incredibly beautiful here today and Dad and I are both home. He just left the house to mow hay, which has been very much on his mind lately. I just finnished reading PAINTED HOUSE by John Grisham, a fictional reflection of a 7 year old boy recalling the harvest season of 1952 on the Arkansas farm where he grew up. He worked hard everyday, from sunrise to sunset, picking cotton. I also read an essay recently that included excerpts from the book that Clarence Thomas wrote about growing up with his grandfather and how he would have to work all summer on his grandfather's farm (his grandfather's way of keeping Clarence and his brother out of trouble). I share these comments because soon there will be boys (and girls too) of age to come and assist Pop on the farm. It is a nice thought.....We would be glad to help you form the physical stamina and character of your children by putting them to work!
I took Mimi to see baby Liam Arthur yesterday...he is still in NICU but is doing well. Laura got to feed him while we were there. He is another beautiful baby with dark hair and eyebrows.
Lest I elicit anymore comments from Dad, like, "are you going to monopolize the Husted family blog?", I will sign out.

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Emily said...

Glad that you made it home. We had such a wonderful time with you and are glad that your travels were not too exhausting. Also glad that you didn't have a tire blow out in WV!