Friday, May 30, 2008

on the road again

Kate, I didn't know you had two blogs. I think if you have something witty to say, you should copy and past it both places or put a link to your witticism. Does the husteds blog need some links? I've got a lot of webpages bookmarked that will make you really feel like an underachiever... Love the photo of John as a lawn jockey, although Liz you'd better get your eyes checked: he does not at all look naked, only a bit pale to match that old tshirt. Does grass actually grow in Texas? All you need are some nice leather sandals and dark socks to really look the part.

I had a moderately amusing story composed in my head to type up tonight about my unhappy attempt to make it to a change of command ceremony this morning, but now the day is about over and we are rising to shine very early tomorrow in order to spend a weekend sleeping poorly under the stars with our ottc friends and family (maybe y'all can come next year). Suffice it to say, we left in plenty of time to be early, even with the 3 errands I had to run prior. But about halfway there, I noticed what one of my children was wearing. Imagine the most nerdy home school outfit you can and then try again. Picture: striped polo shirt a size too small, dark blue rayony suit slacks with no belt, white athletic socks, and grey suede slip on shoes. This is what happens when you let your mom shop at Goodwill for your kids and the clothes don't come with matching Garanimals tags. The excuse from my son: "Dad said wear church clothes, but I figured since it was outside it didn't mean full church clothes." I was imagining all kinds of whispered comments from the oh-so-put-together Navy wives, but figured I had 15 mins extra to run into the Exchange and buy a new pair of khaki pants. My mistake was passing a Marshalls and thinking they had kids' clothes. Only shorts, so I wasted 7 mins there, and then was punished with a slow check out lady at the exchange. If only I had swallowed my pride, we would have been on time with most of my family presentable. As it was, we were on time, but in the Navy, on time means get there early or you stand in the back, so we were really late. 15 mins into the ceremony, John and Claire were eating dirt, James was playing with sticks and Annie was sitting splaylegged with a short dress on. I decided to bail, only to be hounded with guilt at home from my children, who wanted cake, and my husband, who wanted to show off his sword to the boys. woe.

I probably would've been thinking more clearly if I hadn't stayed up late reading a waste of time book, The Abstinence Teacher. A Navy wife recommended it. Supposedly it's this fraught with conflict novel about a liberated sex ed teacher who ends up falling for a born again Christian who is part of the group pushing abstinence education. I thought maybe it would show a sense of understanding for each position, but in reality, it's a thinly veiled rant against abstinence. The main character was brassy and shallow, and the Christians were flat and predictable. Miss it.

On the other hand, I did enjoy another Navy wife promo: Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper, about a girl who objects to being her sister's constant source of blood and body parts, after she was conceived 13 yrs before to save that sister from leukemia. These characters are much more rounded and interesting. Still had some quibbles with it, but apparently Picoult, who writes a lot issue books, also has written one about the stigmata, so I'm interested to check it out.

Signing off to sleep. E

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Kate said...

It's just the Daly blog that I started with this one. I had my own for awhile, but realized I had nothing worth publishing for the world. Publishing for family is a much lower bar. :)