Wednesday, June 4, 2008

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Hi All! Home from our camping trip and all laundered. Dan is wondering if The Husteds is going to wither... so here's some new juice. Enjoy these photos from our camping trip in SE Ohio at Wolf Run State Park and our visit to The Wilds. Beware! You are not in the savannahs of Africa though so it may seem!

Above: a wild, ice age beast called the Szchuawan Taakon.

Rhinos up close and personal
Loving, fashionable Sisters!

Song and Dance Time

Left: A caged Daniel. Above: Wild Janie

A book to read: The End of the Alphabet, by C.S. Richardson. A tender, evocative little novella about a man's last month and the way he shares it with his wife. Spare, poetic prose, not overly sentimental despite the maudlin topic. Perhaps it was my mood, but I was more strongly moved by this book, than by any others I've read lately.

A website to peruse: check out the hillbilly housewife. Despite my good intentions after the discussions this weekend not to get overly extended and not to waste time online, I was fascinated by the description on this page on how to make your own menstrual pads, among other useful information, and by the link to free home school curricula, which included links to many fascinating and worthwhile books on the gutenberg project page, in addition to others (opensource books and librivox...).

So now it is midnight and I'm signing off. Oh yeah, the other way I already scuttled good intentions to reestablish order and routine without overextending was by throwing aside my original plan for the day to do school, run a couple of errands, hit Armata Bianca (the children's holy hour) before heading to piano lessons, which would end just in time to get to swim team practice from 5-7, in order to go to the Maloney's to swim in their pool. I was going to still make piano and swim team if it weren't for John tumbling off the coach and cracking open his head on their coffee table. So we went to the ER for four stitches on his inch or more long gash. He was very brave and didn't cry at all after the initial injury. He was given a little calico bear that doesn't bend, as he has pointed out (no joints), and which is now named Freddy Be Good Bear because John was so proud of himself for being good at the dr's. (although if he had been good earlier and not jumped on the couch, we would've been spared the trip). Kids were happy to regale Dad with the story of his blood gushing all over his back and my hand and the Maloney's floor. The good thing was I could leave all the kids with Kelly to go to the ER. Then again, it wouldn't have happened if I had done that holy hour instead ...

I'm thinking if I had a vanity plate it should say "Stchsrus." Another fave: "fulload"


John said...

I hope Johnny Be Good Boy is feeling better.

Also, here are some excellent online primary source databases for you to spend hours on(though they're mostly historical docs, not novels):

History database:

All things ancient:

All things medieval:

All things modern history:

Liberty Fund's Online Library of Liberty:


Betty Duffy said...

I don't recall giving anyone permission to take my picture on the camping weekend--but posting me looking twice your size on a blog for our MILLIONS of viewers--it's going to take some time for me to get over this.