Saturday, June 28, 2008

This week's entry

Time for the weekly blog. David and Mardena just left..we met them at Ertel Winery for their 30th wedding little brother! We had a delicious dinner...I had the sea bass..mmmmm. They came back here for some "anniversary" pie. Dad baked a wild black raspberry pie this afternoon and it was WONDERFUL! Our desert topic was saints and sinners. Mardena made a DVD for David with pictures from their wedding up to the too. It was quite touching. I always admire people who have good ideas and actually follow up on them. I am a little (?) weak on the follow up!
Elizabeth and children and I went to visit with Grandma on Wednesday and she was fine. Thursday I accompanied Mimi to a retirement facility for a tour, lunch and then a presentation by Dr. Dirt (Dick Crum from WIBC). For any of you who have never heard him on the radio...he is really quite the comedian! I won a gardening book as a door prize! I made some new friends that day. Mom is not ready for this type of living arrangement, but I suppose it is good to know what is out there.
We watched Augst Rush last night and I agree with Elizabeth's analysis..sweet and entertaining. I slept well afterwards. We also watched Bella the other night. I had seen it but Dad had not. I still liked it the second time.
More later...

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