Monday, June 30, 2008

Pay rates

I firmly believe children should earn money to learn fiscal responsibility. At our house the pay scale runs thus:

Watch Claire for 30 mins: $.10 (you've all heard the story of Joe's laboring for this payment, right?)

Do 2 "everyday" chores in addition to chore of the day: 30 mins of computer time

Do "chore of the day" everyday for a week and don't get charged for bad behavior: $1.00 allowance payable at random intervals throughout the year. Back pay stops at $5.00

I wonder sometimes why Joe is the only one who keeps track of all this, and the only one who asks what chore he can do for allowance or computer time. Eliz, $10 for weeding the garden is WAY too much. $.50 is good for cleaning the room. Beware of raising expectations!

However, congrats on the bees! This IS news. You're becoming more and more agricultural every day. Maybe you could put Nick in charge of collecting the honey, and he could keep the profits, since he seems to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Please post a photo of your beds for our future construction. LOVE the bookcases. Bibliophilia is a legitimate disorder. I was chastened today to find that not everyone at the CECOSC book club appreciated "Lizzie's War" as I did. One wife thought Liz was too whiney and needed to pull up her bootstraps. Another thought the dad was too cavalier about war deaths and that his priorities were messed up. I did not do a good job of standing up for Liz, perhaps because I didn't want to reveal my own whininess. No other CECOSC wives are Catholic, so maybe they missed the sacrifice/fidelity/sacramental imagination themes. Then again, maybe I over read. The author's other books look disappointing. Nonetheless, I am still love this book.

Some swim meet photos. At least they don't wear mankinis.

Annie's happy moment. If only she could go in a straight line.
Speedster James. A surprisingly bouyant child despite the lack of body fat.


Betty Duffy said...

I am getting more agricultural every day--the worst of it is, last night, I was perusing my bookshelf and pulled out Wendell Berry's agrarian essays only to read a page or two and find out why everyone in the family is so hip on Berry. I read for two hours, and then put the book in the coveted place on my bedside table. This feels like a commitment.

How did your kids learn to swim so well in just a year?(maybe two) It seems like last summer they were all bobbing around in the shallow end at the lake. Now Ben is diving and Annie is doing the backstroke--all in such professional looking swimsuits.

On the garden payment...if you weed my garden when you're here this month, I'll pay you forty. You have no idea how much this is worth to me (I should also mention that I did double the size of the garden this year). (But I should also mention that I'm not SO agricultural that I feel the need to weed my own garden).

Kate said...

I call garden weeding! I LOVE it... but you can still pay me.