Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hurt Feelings

Okay, I have injured pride today. As a beneficiary of the Federal Government and a wife of one of its members, I had to respond to someone near and dear's latest slam. If you would like a copy of my highly patriotic and in fact possibly incendiary email, I will forward you one, but it is a little long for this venue. I am guilty of abusing email to write what I would never say to someone's face. I am also guilty of being tired of suffering in silence the little slaps in the face of liberal bias in letters begging for money.

My other complaint, hey Mom, it was ME who highly recommended The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I think I saw it before Elizabeth. Me first! Anyway, loved it, but was disappointed that the girlfriend finally showed up in the end. Eliz, I second your pan of Water for Elephants, even more emphatically since I stuck through to the saccharine ending. I never felt the narrator's voice was authentic, and the ending was visible for miles. However, I did find the circus setting mildly entertaining, even though the tone was almost condescending.

Another pick: I'm 2/3rds through a book called "Lizzie's War" by a local Catholic author, Tim Farrington, and so far I LOVE it. This guy has a pregnant women's voice down pat, and then convincingly alternates that with a Marine's letters: even more authentic. Plot: Wife, pregnant with #5, waits for Marine Husband to return from Vietnam. There're drunk priests, wild prepubescent boys, and bizarre childhood and military wife behavior. Maybe it's a bit too familiar. I keep waiting for the shoe to drop at the end to ruin my enjoyment of this book. In fact I'm going to quit typing and go read.

Kate, loved the pictures of your boys. Charles looks like he needs a good squeeze!

Love, Emily


Betty Duffy said...

While it's unlikely that your email will have much effect, at least when people are upfront about the politics and doctrines of their organization, you have the option of NOT giving money.
I am proud of your courage and wish I had the guts to stand up for my faith more boldly in the face of such attacks.

MrsCritter34 said...

I'd love to read your e-mail. You and your family sacrifice so much to serve our country (yes, YOU are serving our country!). If you felt compelled enough to write it and offer it up, I'd love to read it. drhusted@insightbb.com

MrsCritter34 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
laurie said...

OK... who caved and removed their comment????
Remember we are called to Holy Boldness...speaking the truth in love. I think you did just that....no personal attacks, just stating the facts, Mam.
Any room for a hot mama of 6 with the SeaBees or Green Berets?

laurie said...

I forgot to respond to your comments about The Diving Bell and the Butterfly...it did not affect me negatively when the girlfriend resurfaced. I thought it drew attention to her lack of courage and illustrated the oft experienced "romantic" ideal of love rather than the self sacrificing, "other focused" ideal...what can I give out of love.. rather than what can I get. I googled the title of the movie and found a good article in the New York Times about it.

MrsCritter34 said...

It was a double post. My comment showed up twice, so I deleted one. Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about, no one caved! I just accidentally hit the "Publish Your Comment" button twice.

John said...

send me a copy, please!