Thursday, June 5, 2008


This is very simple but felt compelled. I wrote it for a good friend of mine who was struggling with her husband's depression.
She needed perspective on what its like to live with the dreaded menace of depression. I wrote it so she could share it with him, which is why I wrote from the perspective of "son" .

I long to be where stillness lives.
I am caught up in the torrent of heavy thoughts.
Lord I call on you to show me the way, soon before I am swept away.
I long to be where stillness lives.
My God, my Creator reach out to me I beg you.
My mind is consumed with worldly and mortal things.
They are rushing in to consume me. I can't seem to find the shore of salvation, through the dense fog of my heavy thoughts.
My son, your longing for stillness has been heard.
Close your eyes and pray that the stillness you seek will come to you today.
Stillness can be found in the gentle breeze that blows across your face, or in your wife's sweet embrace.
Stillness lives in the smell of lilac that visits in the spring.
Stillness lives listening to the Robin when she sings.
Most of all the stillness lives in your prayers to me at night.
For I who created you, can see the torment.
Lift your thoughts up to me and then my son you will be free.
Stillness comes in the conversations between you and Me.
I am your Salvation and will get you to shore.
You can stop swimming in your heavy thoughts, my son who I adore.
Stillness lives in Me I am the only one who can set you free, and send your heavy thoughts out to sea;
while you rest upon the shore with Me.
Michelle M. Husted

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Kate said...

I like this. I think it'll help your friend have some understanding of a thing that she'll never really be able to relate to.