Saturday, July 5, 2008

Annie Turns Six

Oh dear, I hate to post 2 in a row and be a blog hog, but Annie had a birthday, so I will keep typing to a minimum and just share some photos:
This is my pink and pretty princess cake based loosely on an illustration by Annie. Went a little overboard on flowers so everyone would get one.
This is the very real feeling doll designed by Marie Osmond that Annie received from Gram and Pop Cook. She even has a heart beat. Claire is very jealous. Daddy took Annie out to lunch and to Toys R Us before he left, and coincidentally bought her a 3 position baby pram she had been coveting and which is still at our house, despite my disapproval because we already have 2 strollers, it's big, takes up space, and won't last long.
Annie looking wistful with her beautiful Mary doll that has been in my closet since the last East Lake Auction. I also gave her a couple books, some makeup from the dollar store, and a weaving set that I bought on sale at TJMaxx last year that has been in the present stash. Secretly I loved the yarn colors and want to use it myself, but Annie hasn't even opened it yet.
In keeping with the vanity inherent in blogging, I'm including this photo of my biceps. Encourages me to rejoin the Y again after the Ghent Square pool membership is over. On the other hand, later that evening when we were looking for baby pics of Annie we came across the album of James' baby year, and Annie noticed I was wearing this same shirt at Gram Parker's 80th bday party. Hmm, something to be said for classics or for my inability to purge old clothes?
Annie and her friends. She received a couple games and some art supplies. Although she did not obviously let her disappointment show, I could tell her heart had dropped when not a single package contained a Barbie or a Princess item. I felt a little guilty for not letting James buy the Pucci Puppy he wanted to get her at Walmart. Happily my guilt will be assuaged by taking her shopping with the money she received from Mimi. I promise to bite my tongue and let her pick out whatever glitzy overpriced overcommercialized doll she wants or even a bug eyed Littlest Pet Shop bobble head, even though it might give me nightmares. Since I couldn't bring myself to spend $85 on the handmade Waldorf-style Kusi doll, which I knew would sit neglected at the end or even under the bed, I can't complain.

On the other hand, perhaps after yesterday's behavior, I would be justified in making her deposit her money and not spend a penny. We are now officially one of those families in the neighborhood whose kids you want to avoid. Yesterday not only did John run into the neighbor girl Carys's ankles with his tricycle with no pedal (only a rough metal bar), he also gouged her mom's ankle with same trike. Later he pitched a fit in the front yard when the girls went in the back to play. Meanwhile in the backyard, what Annie was doing was writing in marker on Carys's babydolls' heads: "Happy Annie" and "Happy Carys." Claudine noticed this when I came over to take Annie home. As I was picking up the dolls to take them home to scrub with nail polish remover, I dropped the wrench I was holding (I was trying and failing to attach training wheels to a bike so John could quit the broken trike) and gouged Claudine's dining room table. (Maybe she didn't notice that.) Scooted out of the house and made Annie wash the dolls and take them back all clean. Next thing I knew here comes Claudine frantic because she heard the front door slam and couldn't find Carys (who is 3). I figured the girls were probably upstairs playing and just didn't answer. But no, after several minutes of hunting, I finally found them in the other neighbor's bushes hiding. I hauled my delinquent daughter home, grounded her from playing with Carys (as if Claudine would ever encourage it again) and made her write an apology note. Today I saw Claudine briefly, just long enough for her to say she and the girls had just woken up from a nap and to ask why Bosco had been barking earlier. Salt in my wounded pride. I think we'll lie low for awhile.


Betty Duffy said...

I think that with your biceps, you could beat up Claudine.

MrsCritter34 said...

Ok. Your biceps look better than impressive and the fact that you CAN fit into those same clothes should be celebrated. Your children border on angels, so don't beat yourself up for them acting like kids. They've just given you a story to tell your grandchildren when they ask if their parents were ever rotten. I have a feeling you will have very few of those to tell, so don't lose too much sleep over that one. :-) I nearly bragged about you and Seth today. I was bringing the kids home from their Dad's (I meet him in Columbus, IN every other weekend) and we had to make a pit stop at the Rest Area outside of Louisville. (Seth's antibacterial ways must be rubbing off on me since I am starting to cringe at public bathrooms now). Parked next to us was a van load of New Palestine Track and Field boys. I asked them what brought them this way and after fielding some VERY strange looks (Why is this old hag talking to us? Is she THAT desperate for conversation?) I explained that my husband graduated from New Pal. I was about to bring up your track records that must certainly still be hanging on the gym wall when I also mentioned that I went to Mt. Vernon. The testosterone-charged punks managed to make some smart-alick comment about MV (which I half expected anyway) so I just laughed and told them to have a fun day at the River. I felt old, which truly doesn't happen very often. I didn't feel bad, just more like the beginnings of an uncool Mom. My kids swear I'm not, but I have a feeling that sentiment might last only a few more years. :-) But, back to the subject, Annie's cake looked spectacular and I'm sure it was a huge success. On Thursday I told Sarah "Happy Birthday" from you by the way. I read your e-mail message on my Treo (similar to a Blackberry) as we were all heading to the Mall. So, I told Sarah you said Happy Birthday and she just beamed. :-) OK. Time to sign off. Emily, you do an amazing job being a Mom to six kiddos. I really do admire you so keep that in mind...I'm sure I'm not the only one!!! TTFN.

Kate said...

I love the pictures! That cake looks amazing, as Cook cakes usually do. Happy belated birthday, Annie!

Brian and Mikko said...

Damned funny stuff Em. Please keep blogging. Just try not to kill anymore neighborhood wildlife or relationships with other moms. ;)