Monday, July 14, 2008

My baby is cute

I got out the camera post-bath today because the boys both looked sweet - Chas in his duckie terry towel outfit, and Luke with a fresh-as-can-be haircut. (My first time with clippers - not too bad!)

Also, have you all heard of the recently-named eight new wonders of the natural world? Read and see some pics here, but you should search for other picture sites, because I saw some breathtaking photos elsewhere. It seems most of these places are valued for "biodiversity," and none of the wonders are as distinct as, say, the Grand Canyon, but still they all are beautiful, and inspire me to travel to see them... someday. One more "wonder"ful item- my sister was telling me about Ayers Rock in Australia - it's the largest rock in the world. It looks like a mountain, but it's not, for some geological reason. It's just a freestanding rock that is seriously enormous - you can see it on Google Maps! So, anyone up for a trip down under to climb it? Maybe instead of Sleeping Bear this year? :)


Emily said...

Your baby is pretty cute (and is he already sitting?), but I was wondering if Luke had three shades of hair color, or if you forgot to use the guides that came with the clippers, heh, heh. He needs to see Uncle Dan for a real haircut.

Kate said...

It IS a bit short on the sides... but I think the flash makes it look worse than it is!

Also, I need to add that Luke's "Sears pose," as John put it, is because in the first pic I snapped, he was doing a silly "smile," so I told him just to think of something nice. He apparently HAS to say something during a picture, so he spoke his nice thought which was to think of Nana, and thus the pose!

Kate said...

Am I allowed to double-comment on my own post? We have another picture from this evening of Luke posing with his new gun from Grandma, shooting it over his head. His 'picture phrase' in that one was, "Guns up above!" I think we should all adopt it.

Emily said...

Hi Kate, I felt a little remorse this morning at making fun of the haircut; I was really just trying to think of something funny to say. "Guns up above!" is much better. I'll pass it on. I hope we get to pat Luke's haircut in person soon!