Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last Birthday of the Year at our house

Our John's birthday is finally here. Although he couldn't remember exactly how old he is (additional proof that I am not a perfect home schooler despite outward appearances), he thoroughly enjoyed his day, as you can see in the photos that follow.

The day began with cake and presents on the breakfast table. That is supposed to be the Roman Colosseum topped with a gladiator and a lion. I was too tired last night to make more than two colors. Confectionary architectural renditions could use the expertise of my husband. But John seemed not to notice.

Next we went to the zoo.

This portly lady might like to live with the Duffys. Don't you think you should spell your name "Duffies" from here on out? How are the bees, by the way? Will you feed us honey when we come to visit?

After the zoo, three families joined us for lunch. We did make your own pizzas. I thought this would be easy, seeing as we only had 17 kids for lunch. Presents followed. Annie received the Littlest Pet Shop creatures she had been craving, plus some makeup, so she was happy. John put on his favorite present to defend his cake. His pinata lasted long enough for all the little kids to get a whack before it broke open and all the cheap candy and junk from China spilled out.

On the list of things to do in Indiana: Visit Salon Duffy for a little trim.

One of things John received was this guy. He said he would share with Daddy, who loves Incredible Hulk.

Annie took some pictures at the end of the day, including this picture of John adn this self portrait. Note in her eyes the gleam of stolen pleasures. She also reconstructed this horseshoe crab for a photo, unbeknownst to me.

Kate, are you sure you don't want a dog? They are great at cleaning up after a party. Bosco only has a moderate case of gas tonight after all his scraps.

Coincidences: or how I wasted time last night, retold here so you can waste time, too: I was looking up Sarah Antonio since we might go to West Lafayette while in Indiana to meet friends from Chicago. I remembered her brother the illustrator had a blog ( so I went to it to see if I could find a link to Sarah. (which I did:,and to Annie's, our favorite folk singer babysitter, now married with a baby!) Also a link to Ben's wife's page: if you would like to suffer from envy, you can read about their life in a small town in northern Italy: The coincidence is that from there I went to Regina Doman's web page ( and read about a teen who died trying to save his father from drowning. Today, Kelly starts talking about the same family, whom they knew in CT. Surprising how far tragedies reach. We have been blessed.

Adding to the list of blog links: Here is Brian and Mikko's, if you would like to suffer garden envy:


John said...

What the heck. Who do those people think they are, living in Italy like that?

By the way, Emily, you need to post bigger pictures. It's too difficult to make out the intricacies of your cakes, definition in your tricepts, etc. from these little thumbnail prints.

Kate said...

No, the bicep definition was still pretty obvious. But ditto on the cakes.

Happy Birthday, John!!!