Thursday, July 24, 2008

If you're reading this from the Lake...

stop it.

Instead, go outside and enjoy the fact that you aren't immediately sweating.

I write this suggestion from Dallas, in a hot office, on a sticky leather chair, in wool pants. [For perspective, see Dallas 10-day forcast versus Frankfort's 10-day forcast.]

Don't get me wrong, TX can be beautiful (see here, here, here, here, and, of course, here), and you all should come visit. Just don't pack wool pants.

See you at the farm.

Here's the fourth picture that didn't link. Sorry it's not dirty.


Emily said...

John, did you leave a dirty photo? I couldn't access photo number four. Are you sure that chicken fried steak and gravy wasn't an Indiana photo?

MrsCritter34 said...

What sort of filth are you linking us to, John?

Emily, I was wondering the exact same thing about the chicken fried steak and gravy.

And who could resist a trip to Dallas when we know there are such fine lawnmower-jockies in the area?!

Betty Duffy said...

You might be trying to invoke sympathy for your not being able to come to MI this year--but you know, John, the world doesn't owe you a trip to the lake every year (as it does me).

John said...

I thought this blog was for griping.