Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Me Again

What happened to this blog promise Eliz made up? Just so you know, a mom who used to be in my book club made the front page of our newspaper for being a mommy blogger, and she is making a couple hundred dollars a week on ad revenue from her blog that is mainly ranting about life with a big family. Maybe we should look into advertising -- but I might argue that the profits be divided up based on who posts the most! But first we might have to shamelessly self promote to get some readership. . .

To try to lure some readers, here is an ad:

Free to good home, friendly female guinea pig named Reesie. Cage included. And food and litter, if we don't use them up before she finds a home. I will transport her to a good home (hint, hint. Good replacement for a bad dog...) Look at that cute belly.

We tried to save this little guy for adoption, but he didn't survive the night. He was found on the sidewalk squirming out of his shell. We attempted giving him water and some mashed up worms, but he now is fertilizer for my lackluster Knock Out roses.

We've had a few quieter days at home, so Claire has been using the potty.
We celebrated by buying her some new underpants today. Unfortunately, she has also been biting more, so here she is in time out and in need of a good exorcism.

John is VERY excited about his birthday in two more days. He collapsed in tears at the store when he did not get a toy at the exchange for his birthday TODAY. Ben helped alleviate his suffering by finishing up a Roman pinata. He also wants a Roman cake. And so far no one is coming to his "party" but Carys next door, who may not catch the Roman theme. His friends are all out of town, have moved, or live too far away (he wanted to invite Jem and Daniel (Schneider), and Nick and Nick's Daniel.)


Emily said...

Happy Belated Birthday KATE!! Hope it was great and some cake you ate. Next time I'll remember before it's too late.

John said...

Let us know when you find a good exorcist. Our two-year-old also exhibits signs of possession...usually around bed time.

Betty Duffy said...

Apparently, I've been failing both of my God children. I'll pray that all these little demons are cast into a nearby guinea pig, which will then run away into a ravine, solving everyone's problems.