Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back home again in Indiana

After a long road trip, the Cook family is now safely arrived in Indiana. Though we nearly lost a wheel (I thought the AA Highway seemed bumpy...), we had a relatively uneventful ride. 11 hours or so in a car is easily survived with a little candy, a couple movies, and the threat of Math Pages to anyone who complained.

As Elizabeth noted, the Duffys and the Cooks are getting along loudly. We spent the night last night at the Brecounts and enjoyed conversation in between the chasing and complaining. Janie did not complain about being left out when Annie decided Catherine Brecount was her friend of the day, but all the girls complained when Daniel showed off his itchy spots.

Tonight we are spending the night with the Duffys. We had a nice afternoon: the kids played chase outside. Andrew and Claire had fun playing in a 5 gallon bucket of water until Andrew dropped a concrete hedgehog in the bucket and splashed Claire from head to toe. Fortunately it was time for pizza soon after, which was followed by popsicles outside. Claire and John had sticky hands, so I told them to wash them in the bucket of water. Then Annie came over to complain about her sticky hands. I told her to wash them in the bucket as well, but she informed me that Daniel used it as a pee pee bucket. Then it was time for baths.

After baths we were treated to Adventures in Oz with Cheryl. This is an award winning video starring body builder Cheryl Ann Silich. Check out her pecks here. This film is a Duffy favorite.

I put the kids to bed while Elizabeth attended her PTO meeting. She is president this year. Congratulations, Liz, on your secret identity! The kids were all going to sleep in the same room, but they got a little rowdy. I told Janie to lay down, and she gave me the stink eye, so I felt like pinching her. She might not be my friend anymore.

Elizabeth later informed me that her boys used to keep a "poddy time!" bucket in the closet. It's always good to be back in Indiana, where you never lack for a place to go!


John said...

Aren't you glad urine Indiana?

John said...

Emily, you just need to get used to the Duffys' Youreapeein sensibilities.

Betty Duffy said...

Hey John, Spell I--C-U-P.