Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caving to pressure from the kids...

The kids are all irritated that I haven't posted any more photos of them on the blog. So to avoid mass mutiny, here goes (in no real order):
Christmas 2007

Grandma's 95th Birthday...sneaking a bite!!!

Scootie's 4th Birthday

Indoor Camping...preparing for camping at the Farm!! (Taken this afternoon...older girls have been sleeping in their tent at night...in their room!)

Sarah's 6th Birthday

The beautiful birthday girl...

Scootie wanting in on the photo-taking action (taken this afternoon!)

Zoey looking all innocent and stuff. OK. Where'd you poop?

Zoey's first trip on the boat. She wasn't much luck. We didn't catch anything. She was cute, though.

After a standard day with five very active, very rambunctious, very "loving" kids. She's pooped.

The first week we got her...

They're just so cute (and QUIET!) this way!!!

Emma and Megan snuggling up on the couch over Christmas Break.

The recitals never end!!! Sarah looks like she's going to a hoe-down, though.

Jake and Sarah in our backyard last fall. I love this photo of them.

Something is amiss. What might it be? The chatter is still the same...

Daddy & Megan after her Easter recital and the day she got her braces off. What a gorgeous smile!!

A day at the Farm...

That's all for now. Daddy make tie-dye shirts with the kids yesterday and we will be having the grand reveal later in the day. I'm sure there will be photos of that, too.

Sorry about the layout. I guess I haven't mastered it yet. I have to go rustle up the kids. It's like herding cats. Speaking of...here are some photos of Alex. And Seth. No kidding. And the Leopard Geckos. Alex didn't try to eat Sam (the lizard). Seth was impressed. I'm just glad my cat hasn't gone "missing" yet.


Kate said...

Great pictures! I'm taking a bunch of them for our album. Love the one of Julia grinning about her new bike!

Megan, great smile! How great to be done with braces.

I've been wanting to tie-dye shirts! How did it go? Would it be fun to do with a group of friends (2-3 year olds), or would that be a nightmare?

MrsCritter34 said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos! I have some more to post, including the great tie-dying adventure. The shirts sort of faded when I washed them, but I could no longer take the "can we look at our shirts now?" "Can we look at our shirts now?" Can we look at our shirts now?" on and on and on again, every 5 minutes for like 10 hours. So, we should have let the dye set for at least another day, but hey, my sanity and the children's health preceeded really, REALLY cool shirts.

I'm pretty sure I made the right choice.

It would definitely be fun with a group (5 kids qualify us as being allowed to say that)however, unless you want tie-dyed kids and furniture and clothes and any other animate and inanimate object you might want to let the 2-3 year olds help you tie up the shirts and point out where they want each color and let the Moms/Dads do the rest. I made one all by myself later in the day and still managed to get it on my hands and I thought I was quite buttoned up with the entire process. Actually, untying and washing the excess dye out with the garden hose was a huge mess. It was fun to have the gallery of tie-dying experts sitting on the deck stairs and letting out their collective "OOOHH"s and "AAHHHH"s as I held up each shirt.

But we will definitely do it again. We learned a few tricks (as exhibited by my shirt...Seth said "oh come on now...why'd you have to go and get all professional on us?")so next time we'll be a force to be reckoned with.

But we all had fun. Definitely worth the mess. And almost worth trying to explain to the grocery store folks why your hands are some creepy fuschia color.

Emily said...

Zooey's a cutie! She looks like she gets lots of love.