Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A catch-up post with many pictures

Well, I have to say I'm feeling much better about my own little demonic stinker - I suppose it runs in the family, absolving me from any responsibility for his behavior. Yes? Please??? It's not even the good kind of demonic where the kids say/do story-worthy things like being nice for money, or refusing curry, or markering dolls. His line of choice is "I just want to [desired action]", the words carefully chosen to let you know just exactly how ridiculous he thinks you are for not allowing him to, say, get an ice cream cup out of the freezer in the morning, or go play outside "regular" (i.e. naked). Charlie is learning to defend himself (although not quickly enough, as he got a cup of water poured on him this morning.)

There's not really much news here. My biggest joy lately is my new French coffee press, a birthday present, which I LOVE and use all the time. I will gladly rave more specifically about it, if well compensated by Bodun. My biggest challenge lately is dealing with a neighborhood cat who apparently thinks our yard is chock-full of nicely mulched litterboxes. After some hours of Internet research, I've learned that I need either to spend an obscene amount of money on an ultrasonic repellent system, or sprinkle one of various suggested blends (of citrus peel, cayenne pepper, mothballs, lavender, dried-blood fertilizer, or hyena or lion poop - and none of those are jokes) on top of the dirtied dirt. That, or stick plastic forks in the ground, tines up, close enough together so that the cat can't get its little pooper down to the ground to do its business. Obviously, none of these are going to happen, meaning that I will have to resign myself to special surprises while gardening, and possibly not being able to garden while pregnant? Maybe not being able to eat from our herb garden, either. All of this has intensified my dislike of cats and reinvigorated my resolve never to have a pet, including an equally gross, but somehow more lovable, canine. I hesitate to say this to an audience of dog lovers... but I'll just pretend I'm writing only for Elizabeth, who only half-tries to love dogs, and only about half the time.

In family events news, we had an enjoyable Fourth weekend, starting off with the Irving parade (before and after photos shown.) This year's candy haul was enjoyable, as was the family next to us who had boos and sassy comments ("No thanks, I like my taxes low!") for the 'Vote for Obama' and 'Irving Democrats' floats. We spent the afternoon in my parents' pool, then went to the Las Colinas fireworks show. Charlie was very sweet - he watched the show until he fell asleep! Luke was not so sweet, trying to join some big boys he saw climbing a nearby fire hydrant ("I just want to play shenanigans!") and throwing a tantrum that made John miss half the show.

The next day, we headed to the Fort Worth stockyards for a Wild West show. Although the shooting worried Luke, he has since been very interested in cowboy life and gear. We also had to get out the baby boots for Charles. I think we already have this year's Halloween costumes picked out.

Last night we had a random and fun rainstorm. We played out in it and wrote our names on the driveway in wet chalk to make colored water (Luke requested I add our assigned Jungle Book alter egos.)


Betty Duffy said...

We had cat problems at our old house, and something that really worked for us was composing a letter that went something like this:
Dear Cat Lady,
If you care about your pets, you will keep them out of my yard. I have a cat trap and I don't belong to PETA.

It was surprisingly effective.

Betty Duffy said...

I also think that your anecdotes are very funny and story-like.

Emily said...

I have a coffee challenge for you: I finally figured out (after 3 demos from Dan's CO's wife) how to make Italian espresso with the little stovetop cooker the priest that married us gave us. MMM, caffeine. If you come to Mom and Dad's in July, I'll make it for you. If you don't come, well, we may not talk about how cute your kids are anymore (c'mon, Kate, your 2 yr old says "play shenanigans" - it's kind of disingenuous to say he hasn't said anything story-worthy :)

What about mouse traps for the cat? Just make sure Luke keeps his boots on.

Emily said...
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Betty Duffy said...

I've been thinking some more about this cat thing, because I know how maddening it can be. My thoughts are that some people have cats, some dogs, others children, and if we're all compassionate people who care deeply about our beasts or babes, what can be so very wrong about say, letting Luke go out in the regular to practice his potty training in the neighbors bushes? You and John might even find you, too, enjoy fertilizing neighboring cat-owners' gardens by moonlight. Think like the enemy, Kate, and feel comforted by the knowledge that the Duffys go outside pretty much all the time.

Emily said...

The thought of John's big white hiney out in the moonlight is not appealing.

John said...

...better that my big white hiney be in the regular than in the irregular.

Kate said...

Emily, Luke was going off a comment that his uncle had made about the boys... still, I see your point. I shall continue trying to wring postable stories out of Luke's mostly generic brattiness. Maybe he'll do something sweet that I can tell about, too!

Kate said...

... and Elizabeth, one thing that scared me in my research was all the sites' mentions of how laws protect cats from violence! I suppose having an attorney husband (albeit a white-hineyed one) should grant the possibility of a [mousetrap] loophole or two. Or should I, like the cat, just do my dirty work at night unseen?

MrsCritter34 said...

BB guns prove effective. They're quiet. Don't really do TOO much damage but I bet the cat gets the message. And if your neighbors call you out on shooting their cat you can say you thought it was a rabid possum or raccoon or something (they probably look alike in the dark) since CERTAINLY their cat wouldn't be defecating in your yard.

Oh dear. I can't believe I just wrote that. Seth's rubbing off on me.