Monday, October 27, 2008

Continuing Education

I was just reading a "100 Best Words"-type book while I was dooing something else, and realized for the first time that averse and adverse are different words! I suppose I always thought they were different pronunciations/spellings of the same word - i.e., that one was wrong. And, having just misused one of them in a post below (whoever finds it gets the BlogNerd award!), it was a good time to learn the lesson.

It got chilly here (the kind where when you wake up, the cool pillow all around your head feels really good, but you're afraid to move off of the warm spot UNDER your head; also the kind where if you accidentally spray your jeans while moving your sprinkler your feet freeze when you go back inside... yes, I'm still watering). All that to say it's exciting Halloween weather, although I'm not sure what's supposed to happen in the next few days. I'm still not really any more excited about Halloween than anyone else on here sounds to be - wasn't it a much cooler holiday when you got to enjoy the candy and parties? Maybe my parents will be kind enough to throw yet another evening party for me and all my friends, complete with costume awards and a trash bag haunted house in the garage.

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