Friday, October 17, 2008


I started a new naptime technique that consists of escalating spanks for each time Luke gets out of bed. It has not worked. But it did yield the following conversation:
Me: Luke, you got out of bed again. Now you get four spanks.
Luke: No, thanks. I don't want any spanks. But thanks for offering them to me!
He's defiant, but at least he defies politely. Should that console me? It doesn't.

Charlie is getting to be fun. He has turned into some kind of sloth baby - he constantly wants to be held, but luckily he's old/strong enough to help hold himself up, so that he sits easily on my hip without too much involvement from me, which I like because I am lazy. He's starting to baby-talk, including a guttural sound that he makes that sounds like the middle of "hungry" (fittingly, this is his hungry noise) and a sound he made once that I'm pretty sure was the Platonic ideal of cute baby words: "Cooo-ey?"

Here's Luke's Halloween costume, in action.

Speaking of biblical ladyfolk, I had a Martha/Mary post working itself out in my head yesterday - something along the lines of shortcomings in fulfilling my vocation - but I kept weeding or such instead of stopping to write it down, and now it's gone. Even if it wasn't bound to be interesting, it seemed like it might be helpful to me, so maybe I'll try to think it up again.

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Elizabeth said...

you need an ergo baby carrier to tote that baby. roarke was my "out of body pregnancy" for almost 2 years with the help of the ergo, it saved my life! and i´m waiting for your mary/martha post, very eager too read that, work out more blog time with your hubby, it pertains to your writing class, right?!