Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two Big Changes Which Heretofore I Had Been Reluctant To Effect

Car in garage
I've always been against becoming the kind of family that keeps everything but their cars in the garage. However, I was starting to despair as to my ability to keep that from happening. But we sold a couple things and I squished the rest over into the other half, swept it out, and pulled the car in. Am I silly or smart for blurring out our license plate?

Our new pets: Pio (orange tetra), Kio (striped tetra), and Ink (fiddler crab). Luke's a fan. I love the crab. I love watching him eat, scooping up his fish flakes with his deformo claw and protecting his meal with the big claw. I don't know how long they'll last, nor how obligated I'll feel to replace them when they die. I think I'm a two-week pet kind of person. At least this one won't poo in my gardens or dig up my rosemary.

They're all named by Luke. No, Pio is not named for Padre. I'm still not the 'saints as pets' type. Actually, the second day we had them, Luke asked me where "Car-kio" had gone, which made me realize that probably Kio was actually "Key-o," as in what was hanging on the wall across from Luke when he was naming the fish the day before. Oh, well, it's a better name for something with a few weeks' lifespan than his first suggestion - "Charlie."

Also, here is the beginning of my Mary garden.

I need to connect all the roses into a bed, and I'll plant some bulbs in the next few weeks. I still need to get a bench, but maybe that will be a Christmas purchase. Anyway, I'm pretty excited, if for nothing else than a pretty place to sit in the yard.


John said...

Thanks for cleaning the garage! I'll tell you in person, too.

Kate said...

R.I.P. Kio.

Emily said...

Well, Kate, welcome to the world of pets, a delightful opportunity for teaching the facts of life. The good thing about tetras is that they are cheap to replace. As you probably know, our last Tetra, Pizza, met an early demise when John K placed him on a paper plate to pet.

One solution to the garage problem is just not to have one, like us. Then you can leave all your bikes and caboodle on the driveway, so you have to park in the street. I can't believe that in Texas you have such a small garage!

From what I can tell for your photo, your garden looks great! Send some green thumb over to my withering plot!

Kate said...

It's a two-car, and it's actually a generous two-car.... we've just got alot of stuff in there, mainly some furniture we're waiting to get rid of (old TV stand, etc.) and our non-working riding mower, which is now taking up John's parking spot.