Thursday, October 2, 2008

Emily/Dan, I'm glad you got my point (carefully disguised as it was by tangential ranting)... I've had severe blogger's regret for the past 24 hours. I'd like to think I was half asleep, but at the very least I was distracted by a whiny toddler at my elbow and no coffee in my hand. Oh, well, that's why I leave the real blogging to Betty D - I should just stick to kid stories and pictures.

But anyway, yes, that's what I meant. How do we respond to a politician with whom we disagree? By booting them out at the next election. How do we respond to a celeb? ???? By blogging, I guess was my point, to at least get your voice out there, even if only Mimi will hear it. (Hi, Mimi!) If everyone else shares their opinions, why not us? :) And not that it even makes us famous, just that we don't have to feel narcissistic for doing it because... well, because everybody's doing it.

Okay, so it's not that great of a point, even if I had been more clear in getting it across the first time.


Brian and Mikko said...

To Kate and the Husted Clan,
I thank you for your blogging and your posts, even WITHOUT the pictures! It is nice to read varied opinions from people that I know and love (or haven't met yet but love anyway... Hi Kate!) ESPECIALLY if many of them differ from mine. I don't put much faith or weight into the glitterati and what they have to say, mostly because I don't know them and can't possibly have any context for why they say it. To honestly assess what Ashley Judd has to say would be to hold it up against her character portrayals in the Ya Ya movie and A Time To Kill. I think people like to hear what celebrities have to say to humanize them a little more, but are incorrectly assuming that they are more than not like the average, every day person. Doesn't mean that they don't have a right to that opinion, or that all of those opinions are the same. I believe that the oneness is upon the listener to take in the information as entertainment/info rather than Hollywood Mandated Law.

In regards the the postings about feminism... I'm fascinated. While I am admittedly liberal in my stylings, the issue of feminism is a confusing one for me. I am thoroughly enjoying the conversation, so please do continue. When and if I feel the need, I will be happy to plunge right in. However, now I must turn 1 bushel of apples picked with Parker's pre-K class into something usable. This also assumes that I've done something with my picked bushel of red peppers.

The pen (read: keyboard) is mightier than the sword!

Kate said...

Hi Mikko!

I think you're right about why people like to hear celebrity opinion, and of course that celebrities have a right to their opinions. But I do think that the readiness of their opinions is a deterrent to people to inform themselves. People are unlikely to change their opinions based on stars', but people who have not yet formed them could easily be swayed, I think. Really it's not the worst problem in our world today, it was just really bugging me the other night after seeing that video!

Emily said...

So Kate, how did the judging sheep get to the other side?

Kate said...

Uh, they followed the chicken across the road? :) I don't know, but there's some Husted joke in there about self-righteous judging, I'm sure.